Does Your Company Use an Outplacement Consulting Firm?

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This will be a short two day work week for you. With Thursday and Friday considered vacation days already because of the thanksgiving holiday, you decided to also take off Wednesday. You daughter who is in college flies in around midnight on Tuesday and you want to be part of Wednesday morning when your wife and both daughters will be home. You want to be able to sleep in and little, but be downstairs for the chaos that will surely ensue when both girls are home for the first time in months. Those first few minutes are full of giggles and stories. laughter and questions, and you do not want to miss out.
Taking an extra day off this week, in fact, seems like a really good decision given that you have been fielding a number of calls from an executive search consultant these last few weeks. Once the laug

How Important is the Human Resource Department Within Your Business?

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The human resource department is one of the most important departments in a business, especially when it comes to efficiency and productive staff. A company is only as strong as its human resource department. If the company lacks a human resource department altogether, it is possible that the potential success of the business is being hindered. However, if you find that human resource tasks take up too much of your time or that you are unable to effectively handle them, it can be extremely beneficial to use an outplacement company. An executive placement agency will provide the following benefits to a business.

Lower retention rates
High employee turnover rates can harm a business?s success, even at the lower levels. A business that has a high turnover rate must put a