3 Reasons Why Your Recruiting Strategies Are Failing

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Executive recruiting services put a significant amount of time into developing what they believe to be the best possible recruiting strategies. This is because finding the best employee possible to fit a specific position is essential to keep the organization moving forward rather than falling behind.

Because executive recruiting services put so much time into their recruiting strategies, it can be frustrating when they fail. But why do recruiting strategies fail and what can you do to fix them?

Why your recruiting strategies are failing

Executive recruiting services can be great at certain details of recruiting, but not so great in others. And because it can take up to 32 days to find the right applicant for a permanent position as of 2013, it’s essential for each aspect in t

China Wants to be Major Player in Robotics Industry by 2020

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Midea Group Co., China’s electronic and energy company, is planning on buying out a german robot maker, Kuka AG, for more than $4.4 billion.

According to Bloomberg, China’s Midea Group Co. holds nearly 86% of the German company’s shares after increasing their shares 72% on July 15.

“From Midea’s point of view, the more the better. If Midea can get total control is would be greatly beneficial for their plans to expand Kuka’s business in China,” said Juliette Liu, a Yuanta Securities Co. analyst.

German officials and politicians have voiced their unhappiness with China’s buyout. Many German workers previously employed by Kuka were promised protection from their jobs, but only through 2013. Now, after this new deal, many employees might seek vendor management services so they can remain in the wor