Does Your Company Use an Outplacement Consulting Firm?

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This will be a short two day work week for you. With Thursday and Friday considered vacation days already because of the thanksgiving holiday, you decided to also take off Wednesday. You daughter who is in college flies in around midnight on Tuesday and you want to be part of Wednesday morning when your wife and both daughters will be home. You want to be able to sleep in and little, but be downstairs for the chaos that will surely ensue when both girls are home for the first time in months. Those first few minutes are full of giggles and stories. laughter and questions, and you do not want to miss out.
Taking an extra day off this week, in fact, seems like a really good decision given that you have been fielding a number of calls from an executive search consultant these last few weeks. Once the laughter is over and everyone settles in for the day, you want to be able to talk about some options with the whole family. The fact that the executive search consultant services have been seeking you out means that you may have some decisions to make in the near future and it would be good to have the whole family involved in the discussions. Given that your youngest daughter will only be in the house for another year and a half, moving may even be a possibility if the offers are good enough.
Finding and Keeping the Best Employees Can Be a Challenge

If you are a great employee, there is a chance that someone may come looking for your to fill a new position, even before you know yourself that you might be interested. The best talent acquisition management services, however, have a way of finding great employees for their clients. Consider some of these facts and figures about services that an executive search consultant can offer your company:

  • 2.7 million workers voluntarily left their jobs at the end of June 2015. This number represented a 25% increase compared to the year 2013.
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  • 86% of companies with employee recognition programs cite an increase in worker happiness.
  • 60% of Millennials indicate that they are open to a new job at any given time, according to a 2016 Gallup poll. For this reason, Millennials are often called the “Job Hopping Generation” because they are more likely than any other generation to consider a new job.
  • 20% of workers believe their manager is doing a good job of encouraging them to do their best work, according to a Gallup poll.

Finding the right talent can help your company succeed and reach its goals. Finding that talent, however, can be difficult in today’s competitive job market. For this reason, many companies work with a consulting firm to help find the people resources that they need, as well as to keep the best employees that they hire.

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