Finding the Laboratory Equipment Suppliers that can Meet Your Specific Needs

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Lab equipment is used by medical labs, school labs, consumer research labs, and more. Finding high quality and cost-effective laboratory equipment and supplies can be challenging. However, there are laboratory equipment suppliers that offer everything a lab could need.

For example, a commonly used item is a magnetic hot plate stirrer. These are used to create a rotating magnetic field needed to mix components in order to achieve a homogeneous liquid solution. Ideally, hot plate stirrers have a speed ranging from 60 to 1500 rpm.

Another must have item is an adequately sized fume hood for the work being conducted in the lab. Fume hoods are used to keep any toxic or irritating vapors out of the workspace. This is an important health and safety feature. While there are specialized options, general purpose fume hoods typically have a velocity of 100 feet per minute. Before purchasing, it is important to know there are four different types of chemical fume hoods: conventional, bypass, auxiliary, and specialty.

There are also a wide range of pump systems that can be applied to a variety of tasks. The New Era Pump System NE-100 Single Syringe Pump has the ability to hold one syringe in sizes from micro-liter to 60 milliliters.

The equipment used is one of the three most important features within a lab that dictates the efficiency of the lab. The three primary factors are the people, the processes used, and the equipment. There are an estimated 13,500 facilities within the commercial, medical, and diagnostic lab industry in the Untied States alone. There are also 5,564 registered hospitals throughout the United States that have and operate their own in-house labs for testing. Laboratory equipment suppliers have a tremendous task filling the often specialized needs of all these labs, which don’t include the vast number of high school and college labs.

With is being such a growing industry, there are nearly 350,000 technicians currently working in medical or clinical labs and over six million scientists and engineers. The demand for lab supplies is constantly growing as more commercial labs are opening up and commercial companies including those within the beauty care and cleaning supply industry continue to open their own in-house labs for product development.

While highly specialized equipment needs may take time to manufacturer or source, there are plenty of common lab equipment needs that should be available on demand. For example, the general use fume hood should be a regular stock item for laboratory equipment suppliers. To see more, read this.

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