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As internet commerce continues to expand, online marketing continues to increase in terms of complexity. A considerable amount of that complexity can be attributed to Google, and specifically, to the changes it has made to its algorithm over the last couple of years. Since Google SEO controls more than two thirds of the web traffic in the United States, a company’s Google ranking is vital to its internet marketing success.

During 2012, Americans spent over 200 billion dollars online; yet, 20 percent of Americans still do not even use the internet, and only about two thirds of web users made online purchases last year. As the number of people with internet access continues to increase every year, just imagine the amount of revenue online retail will generate five years from now. In fact, marketing experts predict online retail revenue to exceed 325 billion dollars by 2016!

Given the seemingly infinite amount of online marketing opportunities, the level of competition is fiercer than ever. In order for businesses to rise above the crowded field of competitors, search engine ranking is vital to their success. However, navigating the increasingly complex realm of online marketing is not always practical, or cost effective, for small businesses.

This is particularly true in light of the aforementioned changes to Google’s search algorithm. While Google Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird will improve search for the typical web user, it creates further challenges for online marketing. Basically, small businesses just do not have the resources to contend with the demands of today’s SEO. For these reasons, the more forward thinking entrepreneurs are choosing to invest in professional SEO services.

When small businesses enlist the services of leading SEO experts, they will save considerable time and money, while benefiting from the latest and the best SEO services available. Since the top SEO experts focus on search engine optimization day in and day out, they possess the specialized knowledge and skills needed to help any business improve its chance for success. The bottom line is whatever changes Google hurls their way, or how much competition their clients face, the best SEO experts know what it takes for any business to come out ahead.

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