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Search engine optimization

SEO marketing is one of the more valuable marketing strategies a business can use if they either have a weak online presence, or are hoping to gain more business through online channels. About nine out of every ten clicks that a company website gets comes from having a website listing on the first page of a Google search. Not being on the top of the ranking, or not even being on the first page can mean that your website falls behind the competition, and is essentially an underutilized asset.

If you are engaging in SEO efforts, these three tips could help.

The best SEO services will adapt to changes.

According to Gleanster Research, more than 69% of SMB Top Performers leave the work of social media marketing, online brand reputation, SEO, and content development to outside agencies. While it is smart to use experts to get the most out of your marketing efforts, it is important to choose the right service. SEO marketing is one of the most fluctuating of marketing areas. On a daily basis Google makes changes to its algorithms. How do you know the agency you have selected is keeping up with the changing times?

Enlist the help of SEO services, but do not leave it at that.

SEO marketing is a strategy, one of many that should be in your company’s toolbox. However, SEO is no substitute for good customer service, quality products, and reliable services. If your business is under-performing in a significant capacity than all that SEO will do is serve to bring more customers to your door who will only turn away disappointed. If you align all of your efforts towards getting more traffic and more leads, but neglect your core business practices, then you will only speed up the demise of your business.

Expect your search engine ranking to change.

Of course the biggest goal in search engine optimization is to get your ranking to go up, but you should know that it will probably also go back down, then back down, and probably up again. As algorithms change, and as competitors take on their own SEO campaigns, your ranking will fluctuate, and it might not have anything to do with how powerful your own campaign is. SEO is a long-term strategy that must be constantly updated to adapt to changes in user behavior, search engine updates, and competitor efforts.

Don’t forget to measure your performance. According to Google Analytics, about 40% of businesses fail to bother. The only way that you will know if your strategies are succeeding is if you pay attention to the results. Track your progress, follow these tips, and you may find that SEO is a more valuable strategy than you had initially realized.

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