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Every single day there are more than 27 million pieces of online content shared on the internet. This statistics is a direct reflection of how often people use the internet on a daily basis and how often they will share articles and blog posts online as well. People use the internet more than ever before and this is why so many businesses are now working closely with SEO company services.

According to recent data, over half of all people will research a service or product online. People will now refer to search engines to help them find important information that they need to businesses and services. It is important to know that the two top internet activities right now are searching and using an email.

People are projecting that local ad spending is going to grow into the billions territory over the next couple of years. This is because local businesses are now trying to compete with corporations by teaming up with SEO company services. They want to be at the top of food chain in terms of search engine results because that is where the real money is for advertising and marketing.

Many advertising and marketing experts recommend that local SEO company services work closely with businesses. This is so that these SEO consultants and SEO services can help create compelling digital content that will help them stand out amongst other businesses. Keep in mind that over 50% of all consumers are going to more likely to purchase items from a mobile-optimized site. Here are all of the facts on why working with SEO company services is so important.

Recent data suggests that 75% of all people using search engines will never scroll past the first of results that pop up on their internet page. This is why so many businesses are looking to SEO company services for help with search engine optimization. Businesses not only want to be on the first page of the search engine results list, they want to be at the top.

The search engine site Google owns nearly 70% of the search engine market share and so there are many SEO company services that focus specifically on Google algorithms for their businesses. This is because Google is the most commonly used search engine around the globe.

The amount of people who ignore paid advertisements and focus only on the organic results lies anywhere between 70 and 80% of all users. Furthermore, just about 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. These are two reasons that point directly to why businesses want to work with SEO company services.

In the United States, during an average week, local pages can get over 645 million views when they team up with SEO company services to boost their search engine results. Just about 50% of all searches are conducted through a mobile device such as a smartphone.

SEO company services know that a business’ website name should be one of the top five most used anchor texts in order to truly boost SEO results. Just about 70% of all people who use social media in the United States is going to be connected with, at the very least, one local business. It is important for businesses to interact with customers on social media in today’s technological age.

Just about 92% of all people working in marketing believe that their content creation is incredibly effective when it comes to search engine optimization. Furthermore, half of all marketers believe that content creation is great to boost search engine results and 34% of all marketers believe SEO is the most effective lead generation tactic.

In Conclusion

Search engine optimization and social media marketing have never been more important in the United States and even around the globe. People are now more plugged in with their electronic devices than ever before. People use Google to get information about products and services on a near-daily basis. This is why so many marketing experts are now looking into working hand in hand with SEO company services. They believe it is essential to be productive on search engines to boost traffic for their website and product.

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