Why Is Your Search Engine Rank So Low? How Is Your SEO Doing?

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Search engine ranking

Say goodbye to old radio spots, television commercials, full page, glossy magazine ads, and newspaper clippings. Those are all advertising techniques of bygone eras. In our internet age, everything, even advertising, is done online. That is why Search Engine Optimization is the ever evolving advertising technique that is the talk of the advertising world. Mad Men, move over and make room for the SEO experts.

SEO marketing is ultimately concerned with your search engine ranking. Without even getting into how it is done, first one must know why SEO services are so important. It really is a rather simple process. Your search engine ranking determines how visible and searchable your website is. The more easily it is found, the more clicks and traffic you will see. And, due to the simple law of averages, the more traffic you have coming to your website, the more business you are likely to see.

Sounds simple, right? Sort of. But why is ranking highly so crucial? Because over 80 percent of all people using a search engine will only click on the results of the first page. And about 75 percent of those people will only click on the first six or so. And that is not counting the sponsored search results. Most people will completely ignore those for the organic results. So your target area is to be within the top five of your desired search. Not so simple anymore.

How is it done? How can such a Herculean task be achieved? With a series of SEO tactics, it can happen. It all starts with your website. Why would you want to lure potential patrons to your website, only to present them with what looks like a MySpace page from the late 90s? Your site must be aesthetically pleasing, easily navigable, and up to date.

Having a regular and relevant blog can help to pull in the traffic too. Businesses using blogs have reported 55 percent more traffic than those not. This is because having that blog with timely updates gives you over 400 percent more indexed pages, making your site more relevant of a search option.

That is just scratching the surface of the multi layered complexity that is SEO. But now that you know what you need, why you need it, and how it helps, you are well on your way. Start an SEO campaign soon, and you just may see the positive effects soon thereafter.

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